Herp Experience

Field Assistant; Volunteer
Mount Banahaw, Philippines

  • Canopy research on herpetofauna, field surveying, critical thermal maximum testing, and bird nest fern refugia studies
  • Specimen preparation for the National Museum of the Philippines, and extractions for DNA studies
  • Data entry for all aforementioned works

Fauna Forever Tambopata; Volunteer
Puerto Maldonado, Peru

  • Day and night field surveying of 1-hectare plots via line-transects and square quadrat searches, in the Peruvian Amazon to monitor the herpetofauna wildlife populations, helping to determine the impacts of eco-tourism and human activities on them, with upwards of 16km of daily trekking
  • Assisted team coordinators with data input to determine trail and forest use intensity
  • Built and maintained pitfall traps then identified, processed and photographed the herpetofauna before release

Colorado Reptile Humane Society; Internship
Longmont, CO

  • Developed techniques for creating habitats, giving enrichment, and maintenance through proper nutrition and record keeping of resident shelter amphibians and reptiles
  • Participated in field work with native ornate box turtles, team work and data collection
  • Helped in the rehabilitation of native and non-native herpetofauna at the shelter, and in giving lectures and instructions at children’s workshops for proper maintenance, identification, conservation and care of reptiles and amphibians

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo; Internship
Colorado Springs, CO
8/04-10/04, 01/05-05/05

  • Excelled as an intern and received many recommendations for continued service
  • Gave lectures for zoo attendants on the care, procedures and conservation of the animals, assisted in veterinary procedures, and exhibit design and maintenance
  • Entrusted with the care of many species predominately reptiles and amphibians, handled them with knowledgeable care and dedication for the Bird and Reptile House


  • Involvement in the field of herpetology through the many species that have been in my care


  • A member of HerpDigest since 2003, Chelonian Conservation and Biology since 2005 and the Colorado Herpetological Society since 1994 and participate in their gatherings and seminars.


  • Experience with a Rhacodactylus ciliatus breeding program, a pair of Carettochelys insculpta in San Diego, CA, Dendrobates tinctorius and D. auzureus in Colorado Springs., CO 4/05

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